Synopsis for Phase Two  "Cracked Ice" – Transformation On Ice

He was the misfit. The rebel. The screw-up. The kid nobody understood.  And he was in trouble.

“Cracked Ice - Transformation On Ice” takes up “the rest of the story” of Pete Tavernier, and how faith and ice racing gave him the chance to walk away from a life that was going nowhere but bad.

The rebel and the pioneer are two sides to the same coin. When Pete was facing a ten-year prison sentence, he begged the judge for mercy and “another chance” to prove himself. What followed the judge’s decision is one young man’s quest to redeem his life and pioneer a new beginning for himself and his family.

It’s the perfect film for any family that struggles with finding hope for wayward children.

Primary distribution for phase two: churches, faith-based networks, Christian schools and youth organizations

The following video displays a few exerts from Pete's story during the original filming of "Cracked Ice".  Sam In A Can [Productions] will tell the rest of his story -- what is like to walk out transformation, how is his wife and family play a big role in his life, how he gives back to society, etc. to bring hope to both parents who struggle with wayward children and the kids who have walked away from everything.

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